Community Outreach Room


We send out newsletters, emails and Facebook messages, as well as hold public events to inform people about the social problems in HCMC and ways to help solve them. This is where we match local needs and resources.

Target audience

Residents of HCMC who are concerned about current socio-economic problems in our city and want to contribute to solving these problems by donating their skills or resources.

Main activities
  • Narrow the Gap Community Fund: 2 or 3 times a year, we offer small grants to our partner NPOs to improve their programs, organizational management or upskill their staff and volunteers. The funds for the grant come from the HCMC community. Anyone can contribute including individuals, businesses and international organizations. LIN regularly updates funders on the progress of projects they helped fund
  • Community Networking Events: A variety of people attend these events including local and international NPO staff, local philanthropists, volunteers, media representatives, local and international business representatives, and others. Most of LIN's community events are open to anyone who is keen to meet the staff of local NPOs and learn about their work, the problems they face and ways to support their efforts
  • Advice to individual and corporate philanthropists: We help individuals who want to invest in community projects find NPOs working in the area that most interests them. We help companies design informed CSR programs that will have a long-lasting effect on the community.


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