Volunteer Matching Room


LIN will help you find an NPO that needs your skills and experience. Many NPOs need expert advice but they cannot afford to hire a paid consultant. Contributing skills and teaching is often more valuable than giving funds as this enables the NPO to become more sustainable and to provide better services to more people in need.

Volunteer skills that are most often requested by NPOs are PR and marketing, grant writing and fundraising, reporting and communications strategy, budgeting, English language skills, event organizing and networking and computer programming (websites). LIN collects volunteer requests from local NPOs and matches the requests with skilled volunteers in our database.

Target audience

While anyone is welcome to become a skilled volunteer, the majority tends to be young professionals (usually with over 2 years of work experience), mid-career professionals and young educated retirees.

Main activities
  • Maintenance of a skilled volunteer database;
  • Matching skilled volunteers with local NPOs;
  • Ongoing support of volunteers during their work period;
  • Volunteer management workshops for NPO staff;
  • Promotion of the skilled volunteer concept through targeted presentations, community events, research, publications, and media;
  • Community Partnership Initiative in which corporate teams of volunteers, matched with local NPOs, compete for the best results achieved in a set period of time.


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