How to volunteer

Throughout the year, LIN announces a number of ways for individuals and organizations to volunteer their time and skill sets in support of the Narrow the Gap Community Fund. For available position, please visit:

You can get involved in the Narrow the Gap program in any one or more of the following ways:

Join the Narrow the Gap Campaign Team – The campaign team helps to raise awareness and engage partners in the Narrow the Gap thematic grant round. The team includes individuals with skills in communications, design, event planning, development, community engagement and NPO engagement. These volunteers contribute approximately eight hours a week over the course of six months with a sumary of job description here or detailed job descriptions below:

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Support the Narrow the Gap Community Event – Up to 40 volunteers will be needed to support event programs and logistics during the annual Narrow the Gap Community Event. Event volunteers contribute approximately eight hours, including support during the event and feedback immediately following. Event volunteers are asked to do various tasks ranging from welcoming guests and serving drinks to managing booths and counting votes.

Help Select the Narrow the Gap Grantees – There are four ways that individuals can get involved in the process of evaluating project proposals and selecting grantees.

  • Join the Grant Allocation Committee – The committee is comprised of up to 10 HCMC residents who are asked to read and evaluate all eligible applications. During rounds 1 and 3, the committee also helps to select the grantees; however, during the thematic grant round, the committee chooses the semi-finalists.
  • Vote Online – During the thematic grant round, the semi-finalists post their projects online and community members are invited to vote and provide feedback on the projects, which will help to determine which of those projects will be invited to the final round.
  • Expert Panel – Each year, LIN will form a panel of volunteers who have expertise in the selected thematic area. That panel will be asked to review projects by the six finalists and take into consideration the results of the online vote in order to determine which three projects will advance to the final round.
  • Vote During the Narrow the Gap Community Event. The final way individuals can help in the selection process is by voting for their favorite project during the annual Narrow the Gap Community Event. The final vote tally will determine the size of the grant to each of the three finalists.

Build Capacity of Narrow the Gap Applicants and Grantees – During the grantee selection process and throughout the life time of the grant, LIN helps to match volunteers with nonprofits that apply for and receive grants from the Narrow the Gap Community Fund.

  • Communication Skills – Before finalists are asked to post their projects online and/or present their project during the Community Event, LIN tries to match these nonprofits with volunteers who are skilled in communications. In the past, these volunteers helped NPOs create short video presentations, brochures, slideshows and booths to better explain their projects to the general public.
  • Project Planning Skills – Before the three finalists are asked to present their projects during the Narrow the Gap Community Event, LIN seeks to match these nonprofits with volunteers who can help the NPO to think of ways to strengthen their projects (e.g., focusing on impact, design, evaluation and sustainability).
  • Support Site Visits to Grantees – After the grants are made, LIN will be seeking volunteers to support site visits to each of the grantees. Volunteers help with logistics, photography, interviewing stakeholders and writing short reports on the visit.
  • Become a Skilled Volunteer to a Grantee – Grantees are eligible to apply for one or more skilled volunteers, based on their needs. LIN makes every effort to fill those needs within the community.

Raise Awareness About Narrow the Gap Community Fundand Related Events & Activities – You can get involved in supporting Narrow the Gap simply by sharing information with your friends, family and colleagues via Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you want to support Narrow the Gap, this is really one of the most powerful ways for your to leverage your support!

These volunteer opportunities, and more, are regularly announced on LIN's Facebook page, in our monthly E-Newsletter, in our quarterly Volunteer E-Newsletter and on LIN's website. Please consider signing-up for one or both of our newsletters, you can "like" our Narrow the Gap page on Facebook and/or be sure to visit the our website at least once a month.

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